Monday, 21 January 2013

Reflection 21.01.13

Today was my first intro to silversmithing. Incredibly excited and optimistic about this. Loving that we are being taught the craft alongside a design project. I think it will help a lot by understanding the fundamental idea/skills in order to design and push the boundaries of what can be achieved with fresh ideas. 

I have the flu at the moment and feel incredibly weak so unfortunately couldnt have a shot :( Once i'm back to health I should be hopefully be good at it ... i have the guns so that should put me in good stead. Watching Helen demonstrate it was clear that it exerts a lot of energy, who needs the gym when your a silversmith?????

My knowledge of silversmiths is limited. I had the pleasure of being taught by the lovely Roger Miller whilst I was at Cardonald College. He is incredibly generous with his teaching i.e. letting you in on his tips which some teachers seem to withhold, and an amazzzzzzing silversmith! See below...

Silversmithing is something I hope that I am good at. I think I could get a lot of pleasure from hitting something into my vision (in a non domestic abuse way). I love boxersize so maybe i've found my calling. Jewellery seems to be a female dominated craft and silversmith leans more towards male. Im hoping I can be a silversmith. Something a little different. hmmmm time will tell.....

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