Thursday, 10 January 2013

Reflection 10.01.13

First Rhino class today. Cant say that I’ve ever been a fan of Rhino and was pritty much dreading it and would have preferred the extra hours in bed. However, I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it after the initial frustration of being clueless. Probably had something to do with actually being taught properly how to use it. I was introduced to the writing pad too and really liked the effect of drawing with it on paint.

Im starting to think that maybe the computer would be a good tool for me to use for sketchbook work. I like my work to be neat, cleancut and simple and feel that 99% of the time I am fabricating a sketchbook in the style of a “sketchbook” for sketchbook sake i.e. messy, wiggly, torn paper!   And all of that horrid kindergarden play affects. Its really NOT ME and more what I think the tutors want to see and what will stop my sketchbbok from failing but are we not meant to be finding our own direction and method of design that works for us?? I suppose the sketchbooks aim is to provide a train of thought/evidence that your creation is your own so as long as mine fits into this outcome I should be fine….phew! Think im definitely going to try and just be myself more, instead of dripping paint onto paper and letting it run to fill a page.

So to summerise from that verbal diahorrea …..i need to start focusing on my sketckbooks as  a true reflection of how I work and not what I think The GSA requires.

I visited The Roger Bycliffe Gallery and ORRO today.

Roger Bycliffe___________

I couldn’t see anything that grabbed my attention for this project. Although I saw 3 pieces by Roger Millar that used coloured Titanium.

Note to self: Find out how this is done.


I love ORRO! <3 and I LoVe Niessing Jewellery OAFT!  Possibly a little biased because I am infatuated by Germany. They seem to do everything perfectly. I love this country and love the jewellery that they produce.  Id really love to pick a Niessing ring for this project but im not sure if I should be pushing myself to look at something I haven’t focused on before and maybe Im too in my comfort zone with Niessing. But oh how I do love it so! But equally should I not go with what “excites” me?? Hmmmmmmmm

P.S. – Im not sure if this is me reflecting or rambling. Either way enjoying talking/typing to myself.

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