Monday, 19 September 2011

Enrolment day______

19th Sept 11

The date I enrolled at The Glasgow School of Art. My day started very normal. I woke up and did the house work then went to the gym in a daze. I hurriedly got back from the gym leaving myself only an hour and half to get ready. I skipped some of the shaving to save time lol. I surprised myself by being ready in under and hour! ...that has never happened before :) A very proud moment. 

I jumped on the train and was on my way to Charing Cross (Glasgow). I made the journey up the massive hill to get to The GSA which knackered me! I am quite glad that I will not need to venture up this hill everyday as the Design School has moved to Skypark. Although, it would have been a good daily workout for my ass!

I quickly ran in to The Mackintosh building to have a quick fix in the toilet mirror....vainnnnnnn i know lol but i was nervous and wanted to look my best for first impressions. As i approached the Bourdon Building I spotted a few people that I had meet through "facebook stalking" lol. Everyone was lovely and really friendly. We stood outside for a few minutes as the staff were running late. We then got in and were ushered into a little lecture hall where we filled out a form. I was the person who didn't have a pen :(  22 and didn't have a pen... how silly.

Pen dilemma sorted we then went into another room and stood for a further hour to get our student cards. Once I got my card I went down to my new Union (previously Capitol) with a couple of other students and had a drink to celebrate. One drink on an empty stomach and I was tiPsy. I forgot to mention I AM i lightweight! It gave me an excuse to get a big dirrrrrty half pizza out the chippy to sober up on the train ride home. :D It was amazing! i can see it becoming a regular occurrence. 

I am so happy :D! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my mind now that i am finally in. No more wishing to be at The GSA ...i've actually MADE IT. :D 

Im looking forward to tomorrow......

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Animals in Jewellery______

Two of my favourite jewellery campaigns are Bvlgari and Cartier's ones that include lions and lion cubs. They make me coooo and awwww and look absolutely luxurious, and incapsulate my idea of the unattainable. 

I was interested to see if there was much use for animals in jewellery by the wonders of the 21st century...i googled it! :D Below is what I found.

Some of the beautiful images above are from Laura Loveday aka thefoxling on Flickr. 

Monday, 5 September 2011

Pick of the bunch__________

I didn't manage to make it down to New Designers or the Dazzle exhibition in Edinburgh this year so I took a look on their websites to see which fledgling designers caught my eye.

Julie Lockhart 

Fun and executed well 

Lauren Davies

Kirsten Mackie

Josephine Adebolu

Materials are interesting. 

Amy Logan

Stains - I really like the idea of this piece, i think its fun and innovative. 

Rose Warner


Stacey Bentley

Yoko Izawa