Monday, 19 September 2011

Enrolment day______

19th Sept 11

The date I enrolled at The Glasgow School of Art. My day started very normal. I woke up and did the house work then went to the gym in a daze. I hurriedly got back from the gym leaving myself only an hour and half to get ready. I skipped some of the shaving to save time lol. I surprised myself by being ready in under and hour! ...that has never happened before :) A very proud moment. 

I jumped on the train and was on my way to Charing Cross (Glasgow). I made the journey up the massive hill to get to The GSA which knackered me! I am quite glad that I will not need to venture up this hill everyday as the Design School has moved to Skypark. Although, it would have been a good daily workout for my ass!

I quickly ran in to The Mackintosh building to have a quick fix in the toilet mirror....vainnnnnnn i know lol but i was nervous and wanted to look my best for first impressions. As i approached the Bourdon Building I spotted a few people that I had meet through "facebook stalking" lol. Everyone was lovely and really friendly. We stood outside for a few minutes as the staff were running late. We then got in and were ushered into a little lecture hall where we filled out a form. I was the person who didn't have a pen :(  22 and didn't have a pen... how silly.

Pen dilemma sorted we then went into another room and stood for a further hour to get our student cards. Once I got my card I went down to my new Union (previously Capitol) with a couple of other students and had a drink to celebrate. One drink on an empty stomach and I was tiPsy. I forgot to mention I AM i lightweight! It gave me an excuse to get a big dirrrrrty half pizza out the chippy to sober up on the train ride home. :D It was amazing! i can see it becoming a regular occurrence. 

I am so happy :D! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my mind now that i am finally in. No more wishing to be at The GSA ...i've actually MADE IT. :D 

Im looking forward to tomorrow......

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  1. Ooh congratulations for starting uni, it's so nerve wracking isn't it?! x