Thursday, 3 November 2011

Symbol, Logo & Slippage_____

My first brief at The GSA.  Length: 3 weeks

I had to look into Signs, Symbols & Slippage. The outcome of the brief was to have 3 proposals of wearable objects. 


I gathered primary source research via wandering around Glasgow City Centre taking pictures of all the signs and symbols I could see e.g.


It wasn't long before I became aware of all of the scaffolding within the city centre obstructing and disrupting my view. At first scaffolding is seen as a nuisance and an eyesore. However, when I really though about it scaffolding is a very positive symbol of improvement, regeneration and renewal. I was sold!! Scaffolding was my "symbol" I choose to work on. 


The more I observed scaffolding the more engrossed in it I became. There were 3 main attributes of Scaffolding which attracted my attention. 

1. Accidental spillage of paint from previous jobs the scaffolding had been used on. This created beautiful variation of colours clashing against the grey, cold industrial scaffolding. The textures created by layers of paint and man handling of the poles made interesting markings. 

2. Projection of objects through the scaffoldings "skin".

3. Overlapping and layering of poles, colour and textures.

My presentation boards. Picking out the key images and areas that inspired me:

...and my proposal for developing a ring, brooch and upper forearm bangle:

Experiment Stage

My proposal was approved so I then experimented with non precious materials to create from, texture, colour etc... 

Below are mock-up examples of brooches:


Upper forearm bracelet: 


I am really happy with the outcome of this project. I think there are many more design possibilities to be considered at a later date. For now, scaffolding has been put to bed as I am about to embark on my next brief...cross school project. I have a feeling that scaffolding may be my inspiration/muse in years to come. 

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