Thursday, 24 November 2011

Design Process Brief______________________

Project Title: Design Process
Project Duration: 8 weeks
Course Credit: 10 (100 student hours/10 teaching hours)

Project Aims 

* Identify and challenge existing perceptions of the design process.
* Monitor, record and reflect upon your development.
* Acquire research, analytical and critical abilities appropriate to the task of examining design practice. 


Today I was given out my new project brief based on recognising, improving and implementing my design process. Over the course of 8 weeks I have to record at regular intervals (ideally daily/or every second day): what I have done that day, what was good/bad, how can it be improved etc...etc... Basically reflective writing that will help highlight and define what my strengths and weaknesses are. Thus, helping me to improve my design process into a much more productive and fulfilled outcome. 

I have done some similar reflective writing whilst at Cardonald College. At the end of two projects we wrote an essay on our journey through the brief. Analysing what I had done, what went wrong, and what could be improved aloud me to focus on some key areas of improvement of my design process. The knowledge I gained from these reflective essays were about my time management.  I learned how to split and manage my time between Research, Development, and Final Development in order to complete my briefs on time. 

I am really looking forward to this more in depth form of reflective writing as i gained a lot of knowledge from my brief stint at Cardonald. 


For the 1st 2weeks I have to write my thoughts in a diary so until then.........

Box is the constraints of the brief. The branches are different directions of thought/ideas. 


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