Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Reflection 09.01.13

Brief day ahhhhhhhhh the suspense, excitement and fear ek! Initial thoughts on the brief are good. I’m looking forward to having some scheduled time to go and visit some galleries. Life has been hectic with work, uni and trying to fit in a social life. I’ve found it hard to spare the time to go and visit new exhibition etc … but really when I think about it this is a poor excuse as it benefits my work incredibly and gives me the confidence and the right to have an opinion when discussing contemporary jewellery. I realised that apart from my London trip last year I have not been to see anything, which is not good and something I will have to remedy. Perhaps I should aim to see an exhibition per month to make sure I don’t let life get in the way. Schedule some time in each month to go and be inspired and look at things I love. Surely I can mange that!?!

So the brief itself I discussed over high tea (ooolala) with Tina, Angel and our AIR’s


The cakes and tea aside (which were magnificent and went straight to my hips and made me sleep like a baby on the train journey to work) it was a really good idea to relax after receiving the brief. I’ve noticed that I tend to run away in a fluster, immediately brainstorming and deciding on a direction to take only a few hours after receiving the brief as I become terrified of the ticking clock quickly counting down to crit day.  In this instance I was much more relaxed and was able to bounce ideas off my peers which really helped me to feel calm and in control of the project.

Outcomes found during High Tea:
     * Places I wanted to visit – ORRO, Roger Bycliffe Gallery, Trongate 103, and the GSA   Archives.
·      * Places I wanted to avoid – Kelvingrove as I think it might be a popular choice amongst people and want to try and pick something different.
·     * I have the option to pick a contemporary piece and work backwards i.e. find a historical that links via books. – this may be a better option than finding the historical first as primary source is limited.

Oh and….
* less cake!
·          * Relax more

So all-in-all ive had a productive planning session although it felt more like a skive, but work should be enjoyable and now im relising why there are always lots of café’s surrounding art businesses for this very purpose of networking and discussing ideas. I may actualyy be one step closure to understanding this “art world” that I now find myself in.

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