Thursday, 17 January 2013

Reflection 17.01.13

There are stars in the sky that burnt out years ago, but they still burn bright as their light is still travelling through to Earth. It is impossible to tell from the naked eye which ones are dead (The Impossible film 2013). 

^^How amazingly cool and romantic is that!!! ^^

I've noticed that I gain a lot of my inspiration and ideas from qoutes. Im a great fan of some cheesy lines and cool quirky facts. When I "reflect" I realise I struggle with my sketchbooks because I am not a great drawer. So perhaps I should look at my sketchbooks like journals and just write EVVVEERRRYTHING down. Then revisit it and try to do doodles and find relevant source for the image. I have never opted to write in a sketchbook as I feel its not what I am meant to do, but this has never actually been stated and it could help me feel as if my sketchbook is less contrived. It just might turn out like a book! 

So after moaning a lot about sketchbooks I think I have came up with a plan that I think will make me like....possibly even LOVE :O sketchbooks. I do enjoy rambling (reflecting) and it might even help me to be more focused if my head is unloaded of all of this "stuff". 

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