Friday, 11 January 2013

Reflection 11.01.13

I was looking through a book today that I ended up keeping from my collage library….naughty naughty :/ opps, but shame out the way and I was really usefull.
I discovered this ring

Which looks incredible similar to Niessing’s famous ‘Tension’ set ring. It got me reflecting about ‘source’. Where this source had came from how I gather my own source. In the instance of  the BC ring, they had only just discovered Gold and due to its glow and glow they seen it as an earth manifestation of the sun and a gift from nature. SO … they gained source from their environment and designed this ring that invested some power from the sun e.g. the power to distinguish from social class.

Thought process ay have looked like this:
Gold > Looks like the sun want to stand out > shape from the circular sun > markings on surface from suns rays > commodity that only few could have and therefore this developed in a symbol of importance/”class”

I gather my own source from my environment like everyone else. The main methods I use are photography although I have no training in this apart from Instagram!!! I think for further development I would benefit from a photography class/course.

Naming a piece of jewellery - Designers create something out of pre existing ideas but come up with something NEW. Therefore, its made me realise how important naming a piece or opting not to name a piece is. We give names to objects and people to make us feel SAFE. Think about it …if you don’t have the name for something it unsettles you…humans need to know. How else would we communicate if everything was nameless? But what’s wrong with allowing something to JUST BE??? And what if you fuck it up and name your piece something that immediately evokes bad energy e.g. some people (me included) have a name that when they hear it the prejudge the person on the basis of the person with the same name before. Could make the decision between a sale or not. 

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