Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Reflection 15.01.13

The powers of Powerpoint! I decided to try and be organised and start some slides early so I could unload my head. This worked a treat, felt rather chuffed with myself.  It seems to be a tool I really enjoy using as its clean and in order unlike horrid sketchbooks.

Horrid horrid sketchbooks! I know they are there to show our thinking, but some peoples thinking like mines is a riot and hard to keep track of with sketches and drawings, I feel my head runs away as my hand trys to keep up! L Id prefer submitting boards. THAT’S how I would like to work but artschool dosnt want us to work like that, and yet again are we not meant to be finding our OWN INDIVIDUAL design process and not theirs??? I’m whingeing again …sorry. Speaking to our exchange students they don’t work in sketchbooks so it is specific to our way of marking and ticking the boxes. Any excuse to go and do a degree in Philadelphia then!

Down with sketch books!!!!! J

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