Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Reflection 16.01.13

Today I had no time for the brief. I went to a FoCHI workshop and then straight to work.

Workshop was really good I’m really excited to go into a school environment and see the difference between the formal setting and my youth group. My gran always asks - ‘So you going to be an art teacher?”  the answer is “No”. I have no interest in teaching art. I love how art can be used as a tool to achieve development in a range of areas i.e. community art, art therapy, mental health etc… Within my youth group we use Art to calm the kids down and have them all sitting around the same table so we can talk to them about issues or just listen to how there day has been. The “art” distracts them from their usual chaotic running around and playing and lets them develop emotionally. When I think about it the process of making and creating something is very therapeutic. It distracts you from thought and focus’ the mind on the task you are doing ----- MINDFULLNESS. With so many stimuli in the world today it is hard to switch off than ever before. Art is away of “getting back to basics”.

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