Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Text in Form ______DAY 5

Slept in today. I set my 5 alarms, acknowledged all of them, switched the last one off then somewhere between switching it off and getting up I fell asleep again for an hour and a half! Tomorrow I will need to set a 6th back up one to be sure I don't fall back asleep. I decided to work from home since i'm working later and the  traveling back and forth wouldn't have given me much time in the studio. 

My project is EPICALY FAILING!! ahhhhhh Painting my blocks didn't work out so good. They have marks and just don't look good enough. Also, I tried drilling holes through them and its just not for happening :( 

So ... Panic has sunk in and I have resorted to my original idea. I like it but I just don't think its experimental enough. Feeling deflated! 

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