Monday, 30 January 2012

London Babyyyy: Arrival

It was my first time on a fancy long distance train... it was a pritty smooth journey. The time flew in with help from the lovely Peter and his jelly baby antics. We arrived at The Generator Hostel which looked like the inside of a Tardis from Doctor Who. The decor was rancid, all blue and metal etc... If only it was boring magnolia it would have at least made it look clean. Our room was a wee bit of a squeeze but we made it work :D 

From left to right: Karen, Angel, & Sinead. 

Apart from the bad decor the Hostel wasn't toooooo bad.... not worth the £200 we spent on it though. Lesson learned for future School trips! Make own travel arrangements. Location was amazing! Couldn't fault it. 

We arrived on The Chinese New Year so thought it was appropriate to go for a feast in China town. 

I love love love all of the lanterns, they made the streets of China Town feel so friendly and inviting. 

Once we finished wandering around China Town we ventured into SoHo. Visited a few dodgy alley ways ;) and shops and then headed to the main streets and visited The M & M store!!!! :D 

From left to right: Peter, Sinead, Angel and Me.

4 floors filled with M&M's = Heaven! 

We then headed for a few drinks. However, the 4hours sleep quickly caught up with us, so we headed back to "the tardis" for some zzzzzzzzzzzz. 

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