Monday, 9 January 2012

New BRief DAY 1_________

New year and New Brief :D  I am soooooo glad to be back at School! My brain has finally woken up again. 

First thoughts of the brief are of excitement

IDEA - Over the Xmas period I watched Great Expectations on BBC. It was amazing!! I loved the storyline and characters. I have a favourite quote from Miss Havisham 

                 "Curiosity killed the cat. And nature can be most brutal". 

My initial idea is to use the book Great Expectations and possible base the theme of my book deconstruction and wearable piece around this quote. 

I think I could gather some interesting source material on natures brutality and incorporate it into a text based design.

Materials - I'm kind of exhausted of using paper from the previous project so I have to think of a different relevant materials or ways to use paper to give it a more interesting quality. hmmmmmmmmm????

Now that my initial ideas are jotted down I am off to do some research :D 

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