Friday, 13 January 2012

Text in Form ______DAY 3

My head just did not seem to be firing at all yesterday. Hence, why I am blogging about it today. I couldn't seem to hold a thought which was very frustrating! 

Luckily Michael was on hand to ignite my imagination again. He really got me thinking about my first quote;

               "Curiosity killed the cat. And nature can be most brutal"

I had kind of lost sight of this through working mainly on the erosion theme...shown below

The reverse...

Both Michael and myself have identified my NEED to add colour to my work. Before I added the ink to the erosion piece it looked amazing in just WHITE. However, I had that urge to do more! For the rest of this project I am going to challenge myself to adhere to Less is more. I feel that sometimes if something is plain I somehow associate it to not working as hard??? I think I am eager to impress and that somehow is delivered by over developing an idea. I suppose the more confident I become I will be able to sit back and say "no i am done, this is it". Until then I will make a conscious effort to become more relaxed in my efforts. 

Anyhoo enough reflecting and back to yesterdays food for thought. So I have been thinking more now about CURIOSITY. In particular children's curiosity and the toys that have been developed to encourage this.....

Also, I have been thinking of "killed the cat" obviously I wouldn't want my wearable object to kill anyone but the idea of sometimes curiosity leading to something bad is interesting. So possibly thinking about a wearable object that inflicts a little pain or discomfort. Following along the lines of Designer Tiffany Parbs....


I like the idea of simplistic shapes and a sort of "russian roulette" style game aspect. 

I feel refreshed and excited again about this brief. I felt that the route I was following was not experimental enough and was leading to something pretty but dull. And first year should be a time to experiment with the weird and wonderful! 

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