Friday, 20 January 2012

3hour Crit! ____________

Oft.. Yesterdays crit was a beast! Lasted for 3hours :O But when you do the math (180mins / 20students) ... it only equates to an average of 9mins per student. Which is a decent amount of time I suppose. 

As always it was wonderful seeing how everyone had interoperated the brief. I feel we have an extremely strong class. Everyone puts in the effort and provides positive feedback and suggestions. It's going to be an interesting 4years! :D 

Suggestions - Overall feedback was that everyone liked my piece, so I was really   pleased. Bridget suggested having the text printed onto acetate which I hadn't though of. I think this would look a lot better as you wouldn't see the blank piece of white paper on the reverse and instead see the pattern of the reverse text. Thanks Bridget! :) I'm going to redo the whole set of rings to include this new finish. I think it will make it look more clean and professional. :) 

Also, Im going to play with the 'curosity killed the cat' theme a little. Something along the lines of a chinese finger trap...

...putting your finger through but difficult to get back off. Like the panic of trying on an expensive ring in a fancy shop and not being able to get it off. EK! 

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