Monday, 16 January 2012

Text in Form ______DAY 4

I've been working over the weekend so haven't done anything else to my project. I did start to worry though that I was going completely off track. So I re-read the brief to try and ease my worries. It does say;

"Design and create a wearable object with text as the central conceptual theme."

I think because I got the idea from a quote it should be ok that its not actually made of text or paper. But I think maybe the intention of the brief was more literal hmmm confused! But too late to start over so onwards and upwards. 

I ran my idea of the wearable game challenge past Gillian (Artist in residence) but she had no input so i'm not sure if this a positive or negative but i'm going to carry on with it and see where it leads me. 

I've started to coat all the shapes in white so the become unified. 

First coat of paint. 

Now im going to work on rough designs to manipulate each shape. 

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