Monday, 22 August 2011

Wedding fever______

Lately there seems to be a wedding fever surrounding me. Darren's (my bf) aunties wedding last week. My mum and her partner announcing their wedding this December and my friends wedding next year. Not to mention I am surrounded by love-birds, engagement and wedding rings whilst working in The Ringmaker.

Its got me thinking....what would I like in an engagement ring? Below is what i came up with. 

I have a fascination about triangle and love this ring. It has a good thickness to it as well. 
Niessing rings. Love them, and their made from steel! 

I adore the colour change in the metal and simplicity of the stone setting.

My engagement ring checklist:

* about 3mm to 5mm wide
* 2-3mm thick
* sharp, clean edges.
* Diamond, ideally a radiant cut but most unlikely to be able to afford that. As long as it sparkles i'm a happy girl.
* not overly expensive, its about the meaning not how bling the ring is. 

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