Monday, 22 August 2011

How does One dress like an Art Student? ;) ____

Ek! Times a ticking and I have no clothes to wear to art school. So what does the average art student look like???

Like an Urban Outfitter model?

Retro vamp?


Charity shop chic?

My style is kinda a mix match of things. I tend to buy things that are affordable. For example, I see a pair of amazing blue high heels in Topshop, but instead I buy them in black in order to get more use out of them....when ultimately I really really wanted the blue ones lol! Im no saint though... I do splash out on the odd purchase from When I invest money in clothes it always seems to be in evening wear. Therefore, I don't have a lot of day clothes other than boring old skinny jeans which are like stuffing my thighs into sausage skins. So, i'm thinking it would be nice to possible get some day skirts and something other than jeans to wear. 

I have been working like mad for the past month so I am hoping for a decent wage on the 31st. So, what are the 10 daily item essentials???

The List
1. Cardigans - its going to be winter after all

2.  T-shirts - laidback logo'd t-shirts

3. Skirts - floaty skirts to throw a baggy T or jumper over.

4. Chords! - no self respecting art student can be seen without a pair of chords :D

5. Cute dresses - good for mornings when your in a hurry and are only capable of making one item of clothing decision.

     5. Tights & Socks - for those cold winter mornings. 

6. Jacket - a sensible one! i.e. covers down to below your waist, hood and warm.

 7. Scarves, hats & gloves - i used to hate wearing hats in the winter because I don't suit them, now i just want to be warm. 

8. Belts - for defining your waist through those baggy winter jumpers and jackets.

9. Flat shoes/boots - comfort comfort comfort. 

10. "School Bag" - the revival of the backpack. 

Oh! and not forgetting possibly the most important item for a jewellery student is.....JEWELLERY. Preferably my own but until I get some made its important to wear some different and inventive pieces by designers I admire. 

The images are taken from Urban Outfitters and Topshop. However, my mission is to try and find similar items at half the cost from other shops. I am giving myself a budget of £200. Will i manage to stick to this? Hmm.... in the words of arnold ...I'LL BE BACK! 

Check in to my blog around about the 10th of sept to see if my shopping spree has been successful. 


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