Monday, 29 August 2011

Stationary Fetish ______

So now that the clothes list has been made is time for Stationary!!! :D I have a weird obsession/fetish when it comes to stationary. The crisp new smell of sketchbooks and newly sharpened pencils just does it for me! 

So what will I need? - 
1. Academic Diary - To organise my academic, work and social life. 

2. Pencil Case - Sturdy to hold a multitude of of wondrous utensils. 

3. Pencils - My favourite are mechanical pencils .3mm

4. Rubber - Im a snob when it comes to my rubbers :) has to be Staedtler.

5. Black Pens - Fineliners are thee best.


6. Highlighters - to make all that is important stand out. 

7. Small steel ruler

8. Coloured pencils - I like to colour between the lines.

These are the basic essentials. Other items may include pastels, oil pastels, acrylic, watercolours, sketchbooks etc.... I will wait until I have my timetble before i fork out on these items. 

OOOOOoooo i get excited about stationary. Sadly i love being organised! 

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