Monday, 25 July 2011

Sticky willies______

Did my lewd title draw you to my blog...tut tut you dirrrrrrty minded people! lol. Anyways, just a quick unload of my head space. Everyone can remember running around the play ground sticking sticky willies (the weed) to each other. So at the age of 22 I tried sticking one to myself to relive this childhood phenomenon. It got me thinking of brooches and how they are attached. Traditionally with a pin, however could it be possible to attach it differently??? Say...with small lil hooks that would "stick" to the piece of clothing effortlessly. Thus, making the piece of jewellery look as if it were meant to be apart of the garment all along.  

The Trail ----> 

The only negative that I can think of would be that it could be hard to remove the jewellery from the garment without damaging the material. This could be corrected by using a small amount of hooks to make for easier detangling. Also, it could be a good safety feature if you decided to wear it on your would be able to pull it off easily. hmmmmmm **ponders** possibly an idea to come back to in the future. But, for now it has been noted

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