Saturday, 16 July 2011

Problem solved__________

I am terrible for chucking my jewellery into a box. Precious or none precious I always seem to get them intertwined with bits 'n' bobs. 

Whats a girl to do with a magnolia painted wall and a box of pins???? Why, create her very own gallery to display her jewellery collection in. Gone are the days of hours spent detangling necklaces from bracelets. Simply pluck the chosen piece from your bedroom wall. 

My Modern "Jewellery Box"  ----->

My very own little gallery at home. Excuse my messy wardrobes, but you get the idea. Its a shame to have such beautiful things locked up in a jewellery box. Jewellery should be adorned at every opportunity. After-all jewellery has just as much of a right to be called art as a painting that you would hang in your livingroom wall. 

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