Friday, 10 June 2011

Prep for meeting Carl Dau_____

"A strict clear form has its own special beauty. It is not plain but restricts itself to the essentials of being unobtrusive and natural.

Our eyes are overloaded with stimuli everyday. There are very few things in which calmness is inherant that are pleasing to the eye. To create jewellery in which such things are manifest is the main aim of my work" - Carl Dau. 

So... i fly out on Monday (13/06/11) to Berlin to meet and work in Carl Dau's workshop with sum of my fellow peers whom also one the Niessing competition 2011. :D 

Who is Carl Dau? - Carl Dau is a German jewellery designer, who has worked with Niessing to create fabulous collections. He also has his own workshop and creates a vast range of jewellery. Click here to go to his website.

His own work:

I love his simple, clean-cut pieces. I also agree with his statement that sometimes its good to focus on one shape, one idea instead of cramming lots into one. 

soooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!

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