Saturday, 28 May 2011


You don't get to where you are today without a little help from others. So I thought I would dedicate my first blog to showcase the designers that have influenced and helped me on my journey so far. 

Jack Cunningham:  I met Jack Cunningham back in 2007 when I was first thinking of applying to The GSA. He was very helpful and gave me some really good advice. I am really of pleased to of had the opportunity to have met who i consider... one of the greats!

Peter Chang: I discovered Peter Chang's work via the recommendation of Jack Cunningham. This was when I first realised that jewellery did not have to be made out of precious metal to be considered jewellery. Researching Peter Chang's work gave me a greater understanding of the vastness of jewellery. 

Ann Claire Graham: Gave me the break I needed. I will be eternally grateful to Ann Graham for accepting me onto her HND jewellery course @ Cardonald College without having done the NQ prior. Ann took a chance on me and I am glad to say it paid off! Ann is the most driven successful woman that I know. One day I hope to be as successful. 

David Hempstead: My straight talking, informative lecturer @ Cardonald College. Not to mention a fantastic jeweller with unbeatable skills! David was an amazing teacher who would tell you straight if your idea was a shamble...I respect him alot! 

Helen Swan: Helen has bestowed the importance of professionalism in me. How to create sketch books that are viewer worthy. I am a fan of her kinetic jewellery pieces. 

Roger Millar: Roger has made the biggest impact to my development. He has questioned, challenged and critic'd my work to the brink of heated discussion. Pushing me to defend my work and ideas to the death which has helped me grow some thick skin which is needed in this business. Through discussions with Roger I have been left inspired and optimistic...he truly is an amazing designer, teacher and person. I consider him as a friend for life! 

I would just like to say a big thank you to the named designers and wish them all the best in the future!! Thank you! x 

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